WIA treasurer’s report leaked

We received the following email from the President of a large VK3 radio club.

Apparently, the latest WIA Treasurer’s report has been leaked and posted on a ZL file sharing site.

The report contains some very, very serious conclusions and recommendations.

We have also received the report from two other email sources, so it is obviously in the public domain….

Members need to see the report.  Members need to know exactly what is happening with our WIA, free from spin.

The text of the email, including the link to the report is enclosed below.



Hi GGREC Members
The saga of the WIA management problems are ongoing.
I can appreciate that this information will be more interesting to some more than others, but developments are happening in real time and this is the best way of keeping our Club informed.  Ultimately it affects licensing, examinations and WIA membership, so it is very important for all Amateurs to know what is going on.

Firstly, the latest WIA Treasurer’s report has been leaked into the public domain and I found a New Zealand site where the pdf report can be
downloaded and read.

While it is a five page document, it is really worth having a look at, because our new WIA treasurers have examined available records and have been truly scathing in their findings.   They have also called for the resignations of Fred Swainston and Roger Harrison from the WIA board, citing conflicts of interest and actions unbecoming of Directors.   This report has been accepted by the board, but the two persons involved are refusing to stand down!

The 2015 to 2016 Treasurer’s Report tabled at the AGM at Norfolk Island has vastly under-reported losses.  The Board claimed that the losses were $12,680, but the new Treasurers found losses of $65,686 for that year.   ASIC will not be impressed by the huge errors in the WIA report. So much for the expensive ‘Review’ process that the WIA members paid for…

It appears that no more Treasury work will be performed by the Treasurers until these resignations take place, so the pressure is building.

This recent Treasurers Report also reveals that all concerns and reported issues by previous Treasurer Chris Chapman almost a year ago were all accurate, even though they were ignored at the time.  The second document posted at the same site contains details that Mr Chapman supplied to the Board back in January of this year.

Follow this link to read them:  https://mega.nz/#F!54Q1AQ5I!vt0BGc_zQogE5xlerUGYlQ

These two documents represent a significant leak, but having found them in the public domain, it is in our Members interests to read them, as based upon previous trends, certainly it won’t be published in the Amateur Radio magazine that the WIA puts out each month.  This magazine is still being censored.

There’s More:
Many of you will have heard about the Call for a General Meeting by the WIA Reform Group, where there would be a members vote to dismiss four
Directors.  This has been running for about a month now and indeed around half of GGREC members have signed these forms.  Yesterday they Reform Group came out and declared that they had received well over the necessary 100 signatures and that they have served notice to the WIA Secretary, Jim Linton to call this meeting.  By law the WIA now have only 20 days left whereby they must set a time and date for this meeting.

They don’t have a choice about this, the WIA constitution, voted in by all members in 2008, the constitution says:

8.3 Convening of general meetings
(b) The Directors must call and arrange to hold a general meeting of the Institute upon
the request of at least 100 Members who are entitled to vote at the general meeting.

I observed that the Reform Group anounced this on their web site:  http://wiarg.org/sigs-delivered/

So it seems that excrement has well and truly hit the rotating blades this week.

I will keep an ear to the ground and pass on any significant developments that come to the surface.

Cheers, Ian VK3BUF
President GGREC.