WIA Director Andrew VK6AS breaks ranks

WIA Director Andrew VK6AS has clearly had enough.

The following item leads the VK6 broadcast of August 21st:


I put myself up for election on the basis of the need for change at the WIA and you elected me.  I admit it has been a steep learning curve as a director but what has emerged from the WIA is not good.  The WIA has had no budget since 2014 currently we have no treasurer and our financial reporting is in disarray.

On my estimation our Institution is losing over $1,000 a week.

The board is self-centred and not prepared to examine itself both under our constitution and more importantly the corporations act of Australia.

I pointed out to the board that their approach is inappropriate and suggested measures to be put in place to rectify the situation.

Both you and I will have to see what is the outcome. I remain a director of the WIA.

This is Andrew VK6AS