WIA board in disarray

The following board notes were sent to all members on the evening of September 3rd, 2016:


For the first time in very many years, certainly within my time as a WIA director, we are seeing a real difference in opinion between
Directors concerning the integrity of the Board, and how the WIA
should be administered.
For more information on any of these issues check the WIA web
site www.wia.org.au or email the WIA Office.
Phil Wait WIA President
There were two Board meetings in August.
Board meeting 1st August 2016, was called by a Director wishing to propose a motion to appoint an independent person or
organisation to audit the “structure, performance,
governance, practices and procedures of the Board….”.
Robust input ranged concerning the necessity for an external
review, should the governance training recently approved happen
first, or can training and an audit occur at the same time, the
unknown cost of a review, the selection of a provider, and the
absence of a detailed submission.
In the end, the Board agreed that an external review could be
helpful and decided to appoint an organisation or individual.

No other business was discussed at that meeting.

Board meeting 16th August 2016, was held on the regular
night of the 3rd Tuesday of each month.
The first item of business, following a review of action items
from the previous June meeting, was to consider a motion of noconfidence
in the Board brought by a Director.
Although he thought the motion could be challenged, the
President decided to allow the motion in the interest of open
The Director moving the motion expressed the view that he was
very concerned the Board was not acting in the best interests of the
WIA, and therefore proposed that in view of its incapability of acting
properly, it should resign, an independent administrator be
appointed to run the business of the WIA, and elections be held.
The President had previously released financial information that
shows the WIA is tracking slightly behind the financial position of last
year but has a good opportunity to improve that situation, (please
see the President’s Comment in September AR Magazine for more
The motion was put and defeated 2 for, 5 against.
The President agreed that all Directors should be concerned
about correct processes, and stated that a top priority at the
meeting was moving ahead in finding a new WIA Treasurer
without delay.