WIA board in denial as amateur numbers decrease…


WIA Director Roger Harrison reported in the WIA News broadcast last weekend: “From ACMA records at 1 June 2016, the total number of individual amateur licensees in 2015 reached 14,144, which is up from 14,035 for 2014…..  It might be a gain of “only” 109 licensees, but it’s heading in the right direction.”

The WIA Directors Report of 2015 shows a different story.  Their own report shows that numbers of Australian Amateurs were down from 14,040 to 14,011, 2014-15.





The trend continues in 2016 – from the ACMA database – as at 1 June this year, numbers are down to 13,931.

The numbers are in decline – there is no point denying it.  Any common sense review of our hobby’s demographic would suggest that if we (and our WIA) don’t start thinking differently about the hobby we’ll see a continuing decline in radio amateurs in the coming years.

  • Amateur numbers are down (and we are an aging population – the decline will accelerate)
  • WIA member numbers are down
  • WIA continues to lose money

Unlike the WIA Board, the Reform Group welcomes ideas on how to arrest the decline in our numbers…

Tell us your ideas and together we might save this great hobby.

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