WIA Board gags editor of AR magazine

The following email was copied to the WIA RG from the Editor of Amateur Radio Magazine, Peter Freeman, on 17 September.

The email was in response to a WIA member’s email, reproduced below.

The member’s identity has been removed for privacy reasons.



Dear xxx,

I am not censoring the WIARG. It is a decision of the Board, which
leaves me with no options.


Peter VK3PF

On 17/09/2016 03:26, xxx wrote:
> Dear Peter and News Team.
> Please publish correspondence received from the WIA Reform Group
> instead of censoring it.
> Continued censorship and one sided representation of the issues raised
> by the WIARG is seriously eroding trust in the WIA and its affiliates
> and
> in doing so, you are denying the WIA membership a balanced view of the
> issues affecting them.
> The WIA Broadcast often finishes by stating, “/We Report It, You
> Decide/”, so
> please report it and let the WIA Membership decide!
> Regards,
> xxx  VK radio amateur.