Where does your $95 membership fee go?

WIA Membership – Where does your $95 go?



Surprisingly, AR Magazine is not the largest part of your annual subscription.  It represents about $35.18, or 37% of your $95.  Approximately 50% of that is for printing and distribution.

A majority of $47.20 (49.6%) – or a total of $170,000, goes to running the office (incl. employment costs).  What does the office do for you?

  • Houses the bookshop
  • Houses the QSL bureau
  • Houses a reception area (dead space?)
  • Houses the library and historical records including the historical QSL card collection
  • Board room (used how often?)
  • Provides office space for delivering ACMA contracted services (Exams & Callsign Recommendations)
  • Provides office space for the Executive Administrator
  • Provides office space for corporate records
  • Provides an office to conduct the business of the Institute
  • Houses the WIA computer server, printer and fax machine

Membership services including QSL Buro, International Representation and ACMA licences take $8.30, with the balance of $3.63 being for accounting and compliance costs and convention and director expenses.

What do Affiliated Clubs get?

Public Liability Insurance.  Is this cover that much better than privately sourced cover?

About 0.7% or 69c of your $95 ($2,500 pa) is directed back to affiliated clubs in the form of Club Grants.



  1. All numbers are estimates and are based on 2014 Annual Report
  2. The ACMA Contract for Services (Examinations & Callsign Management) is delivered on a cost neutral basis. This analysis takes that into account based on the data available.
  3. Bookshop expenses are removed as the bookshop is self-funding and makes a profit – before labour and overhead costs are taken into account
  4. In 2014 the bookshop made a profit of approx. $28k, of which the Callbook and Foundation Licence Manual comprised $23k. Excluding these 2 profitable books, the bookshop would most likely make a loss due to labour and overhead costs.