Where are the annual reports and the notice for the Annual General Meeting?

To:          WIA Secretary, David Williams

Cc:          Board Members


11th May 2016

Dear Mr Williams,

We write with reference to the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

The Board has failed to provide adequate notice to members of the 2016 Annual General Meeting in accordance with the Corporations Act.  In previous years, it has been practice to publish the formal notice of the AGM along with business to be conducted in the March issue of Amateur Radio Magazine.

Further to the above, the Board has failed to provide the Annual Report, financial reports, directors’ reports or the auditor’s report to members.  No instructions have been provided as to any specific motions for discussion or vote.

There has been no opportunity presented for members to raise motions for a vote.  It is unlikely that there would be adequate time for such a process to occur now, especially given the time for postal correspondence and proxy votes to be considered.

The Board has provided no tangible updates to members on these matters.

Would you please advise the status of the Annual Report?  If it is not yet ready for release would you please provide an explanation for the delay and an expected date that it will be provided to members for their inspection.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Chapman VK3QB, G.C. Dunstan VK4DU, R. Dollar VK8RD

WIA Members