Summary of events from VK6 news

A very good summary of events of the last week from the indefatigable VK6 news:


The troubles at the Wireless Institute of Australia continue. Here’s what we have learned in the last week:

Mediation between the Directors, the Treasurers and the WIA Reform Group, hosted by former WIA Director Chris Platt were held Saturday last week. They failed. A statement by the mediator has been published.

The WIA Reform Group published additional information about the failed mediation.

The Honorary Treasurers Hendry and Tubbenhauer have put the Institute into Care and Maintenance mode, preventing any non-essential expenditure by the board, specifically preventing any legal costs in relation to the General Meeting. They go on to say that they will withdraw their services immediately if any moves are made to derail or sabotage the General Meeting. This statement has been published.

The WIA President wrote an opinion on Facebook asking for views on their position. Responses were colourful and can be read in full on the website.

A letter has emerged from Cameron VK2CKP, the President of the St George Amateur Radio Society, calling for a General Meeting of the WIA with the motion to remove Directors Simmonds, Smith and McLeod under article 14.2. to “allow the possibility of creating a board which acts as a positive, professional team that can work collaboratively to advance amateur radio in Australia”.

During the week, mediation has continued and to resolve this issue, Directors Wait, Swainston, Broomhead and McLeod have offered their resignation.

In response to the offer of resignations, the Honorary Treasurers Hendry and Tubbenhauer set a deadline for Director Harrison to also resign, which passed at noon on Friday.

Responding to the call for General Meeting which was signed by over 100 WIA members, on Friday, the WIA Secretary Linton has written to the WIA Reform Group claiming that the call for a General Meeting is invalid based on legal opinion sought. Included in the letter was a copy of the legal opinion which validates the 100 signature minimum and suggests that additional motions can also be included. Presumably those are the motions contained in the St George Amateur Radio Society letter.

The WIA Reform Group has pointed out that the Secretary cannot cancel the General Meeting, that the legal advice was based on incorrect information and that the Secretary exceeded his authority when he provided information to the lawyer.

The Reform Group has lodged a formal complaint about the conduct of the Secretary Linton and proposes that the WIA appoint the WIA Executive Administrator Mr Deefhols, as the secretary as was the intent of the President and the board earlier in the year.

And finally, more information is coming to hand about the July 2014 cancelled registration status of Silverdale/Trainsafe, operated by WIA Director Swainston. The organisation at one time was the Registered Training Organisation for the Institute, which as we understand it, leaves the WIA without an RTO at this time, which appears to put the WIA in breach of obligations to the ACMA for over two years.

The audio download of the news may be found here: