Our vision for the WIA


The members of the WIA and the hobby in general deserve a WIA that has the following minimum functions and attributes.


The WIA has a functioning Board

The team is comprised of experienced members who are active in the hobby and on-air; there is a culture of collaboration, respect and focus on members; a code of conduct is practiced; the board is focused on high level policy and strategy – operational tasks are devolved to the office and/or working groups/committees.

There is a robust and documented management system

Easily understood and communicated documents that explain “how things are done”, orientation kits for new members, clear roles & responsibilities; use of collaboration and cloud technologies to improve effectiveness and efficiency (e.g. Dropbox, Microsoft 365, etc).

WIA has a clear and documented strategy

Clear statement of planned goals and budget published in AR each year with quarterly updates.  The Board engages with members when formulating the strategy.

This Strategy includes how to attract new members to the hobby and the WIA and is inclusive of hobbyists that are not included in the WIA.

Effective representation to the regulator

The WIA represents the interests of Australian amateur radio operators to the Government regulator in a professional and effective way.

Proposed changes to regulations and procedures are developed after wide consultation with the Australian amateur community.

Defined, Empowered and functional Working Groups.

Working groups/committees are supported by Board with clear direction and empowerment; all working to deliver the Board’s published Strategy.

The WIA has a clear and defined Communication Plan.

The WIA has a clear plan to communicate effectively with clubs and members. The plan covers the how, when, who and why of communications.

The WIA uses social media as a tool for spreading the word plus a website and business systems that are mobile friendly, up-to-date, easy to update, industry standard, cheap, nimble and compatible with Memnet.

The WIA engages with appropriate demographics.

The WIA engages and has effective relationships with other like organisations and clubs.

The WIA engages effectively with other like organisations such as NZART, JARL, ARRL and RSGB on a regular basis to exchange ideas and share views.

In line with the Communications Plan outlined above, the WIA builds and fosters enduring and effective relationships with clubs in Australia, whether aligned with the WIA or not.

The WIA increases revenue streams away from a single source strategy.

Google ads on website (how many millions hits a year?), online store, Digital (interactive) AR.

The WIA provides a national curriculum & training material for all licence classes

A single, streamlined, standardised and integrated platform for all clubs and assessors to use; investigate how the curriculum could be aligned to industry standard certificates.

There must a close alignment with the Communications Plan.

Improved use of technology to reduce costs and provide greater efficiencies

Move the office to Cloud based technology; enable greater collaboration across the Board, working groups and members.