28 August 2016 – Report from WIA Director Andrew VK6AS

From VK6 news:


Last week’s Board report provoked quite a flurry of activity around the traps.

I had given my apologies for the Board meeting that was held last Tuesday evening and as far as I was aware, appropriately, under the constitution transferred my vote to another director. Apparently there was some discussion about this that resulted in me being called to join the teleconference from Indonesia on my mobile phone. I await a significant bill!

Apparently another Board member was also absent and although a quorum was met, perhaps, in retrospect and in view of the serious nature of the discussions that were to be had it would have been wise to cancel and rebook at a time when all directors could be present.

The minutes of the meeting have not yet appeared to be ratified by the Board so I can only report my personal disappointment in the outcome.

Out of interest under the WIA constitution the ratified minutes are only available for inspection by members, by prior arrangement at the WIA HQ in Bayswater an eastern suburb of Melbourne, 30 kilometres from the CBD and so over 50 k from the airport. Don’t make a rush to go and see the minutes of the last couple of meetings as yet they have not been approved by the Board.

Again it’s a personal view that minutes of a Board should be more readily available to the membership and I will be trying to achieve this when proposals are made for changes to our constitution. Commercial in confidence and privacy related issues have been coped with by many organisations and so, in my opinion, the WIA should follow this path and this might be one further method to reduce the culture of secrecy that the institute is perceived to have.

A final comment that the WIA Board Notes for July have now been circulated and make interesting reading. If they haven’t arrived at your inbox they are available at wia.org.au

This is WIA director, Andrew VK6AS