Latest from WIA Director Andrew, VK6AS

From the Newswest broadcast for 30 September:


There’s good news with the appointment of a treasurer for the WIA and soon an assistant treasurer will take up the reins too.  Another bit of good news is that the Board has seen the profit and loss and balance sheets for the year up until September.

Unfortunately there is some less good news. Despite spending $17,000 to date on emergency bookkeeping the Institute’s accounts are not yet in order and so I cannot provide you with more accurate information as it would be inappropriate to do so at this stage.

Be so advised that it appears that my previous estimate of losses between $50,000 and $60,000 were conservative.  I am sure that Phil Wait, the President, will be making a public announcement as soon as he can.

At that time I hope he will also be able to report on how the financial figures correlate with his statements about the current state of affairs in his WIA comment section in the last few issues of Amateur Radio magazine.

For my part although I share the concerns that disruption of the Board has occurred and even more so that this has flowed onto social media and to the membership, I am convinced that without this action there would still be no financial results and most likely essential data entry would still not be occurring.

It is clear that as a matter of urgency a task group will be set up to reduce the losses.  As things are going it looks as if the general meeting to decide on whether or not to approve the audit and review will be delayed until 2017.

If action is not taken now to stem the financial haemorrhage then the WIA’s fiscal situation may become critical.  The new treasurer is to head up this group and will be making a report back to the Board at the earliest opportunity.

Thanks to everyone who travelled to Bassendean last Saturday to listen to Paul VK5PAS and I make our presentation.  We are grateful not just for the opportunity to be heard, but also to have been able to answer your questions, even if some of the answers could not be complete at this stage.  A video recording of a presentation made in VK5 is available on the net.  I hope that the same will soon be true for last week’s session in Perth

Paul and I have our next road trip arranged for the second week of November.  We have meetings planned at 5 clubs spread around Victoria.  Time and financial considerations will affect whether or not we can visit other states and territories before the general meeting.

There’s a further bit of unpleasantness that I would like to mention, a bit of character assassination….

I don’t particularly mind that an internet link to an article in the West Australian newspaper, relating to my involvement in a sexual harassment case, has been publicly posted. I was responsible for my staff and my actions in the situation were professional, responsible and above redress.

I will not stand by silently however, when a white feather with an offensive message was delivered in the mail to a WIA member.  I thought that this action presumably denoting cowardice in the face of the enemy has not been seen since the last World War.

Amateur radio attracts people from all walks of life and we all have different philosophies,  Fortunately I’m not a coward and neither is the individual who received the letter and we are not swayed by attacks like this.

I’m acting in my elected role, in the pursuit of my duties as a Director.  My response is not about retribution but about disgust for the individual or group who consider this sort of attack to be appropriate.

Be ashamed of what you are doing and have done.  If you need to resort to such tactics, remove yourself from Amateur Radio.

This is WIA Director, Andrew VK6AS