We have received many emails of support over the past two weeks.  Here is a selection:



Congratulations on the website and group you have formed. Finally I can see some factual instead of emotional commentary and something somewhat more professionally presented. A lot less “reading between the lines” to try and establish what is being criticised as well. I think more of this type of action and less of the anti social media innuendos will be respected by your peers, and harder for the current Board of malingerers and manipulators to sweep under the carpet as just social media whingers.

Well done.
Great Work.
Keep it going.

I so want an organisation that is out improve the hobby for all amateur radio enthusiasts. Remove the elitist mentality, respect that is many sub cultures of interest. Expand training and technical resources, and then send me a WIA membership form.

Well done. I have had misgivings about the management of the WIA for a while and am with you in your (our) quest for a more dynamic organisation. The web of “intrigue” must come to an end. I Say this with all due respect to Fred. ALL decisions must be transparent.

I agree that the WIA can and should be a tight ship, and one with a loud voice when it come to publicity and dealing with government etc. All the best in helping with reform / refinement.


Dear Sir,
I have just read the information on your site and I feel that there are some serious issues that must be addressed by the WIA, having been a past member (twice) over a 30+ year period I must admit I was less than satisfied with the service and backup I received from the WIA.

Over the years I have both heard and witnessed some very ordinary behaviour by those who pretend to support the hobby as office bearers, only to benefit themselves and their cronies, I will also state that there are many fine members and office bearers who work diligently and do have the hobby and the Institute at heart, however, it i these people that become the collateral damage when things turn bad.

The misuse and poor management of members fees and the day to to day operation only brings the organisation into disrepute and even at this time is reflected in the membership numbers when compared to the overall license holders in Australia, this in itself should give the board some indication of what the greater percentage of the fraternity thinks of the WIA.

I fully support your call for an overhaul of practices and a restructure of the WIA so that we as amateurs can have a lobby group that is strong, effective, progressive and represents a vast percentage of the licensees in Australia.

Sincerely & with my full support


As a member of the WIA since the 1970s and living in a regional area my day to day contact with the WIA has been extremely limited, often only my monthly copy of AR magazine.

It disturbs me when I begin to hear mention of mismanagement and other grumbles concerning the “Institute”. 

I applaud your group for standing up on behalf of members like me. Being remote from the main centers of action leaves one feeling a little impotent.

Thank you for your action and concern


Read both letters in AR and found it interesting that the connection between Fred Swainston and Silverdale Training & Development P/L who were commissioned to do the report into office operations was not mentioned 🙂

Talk about jobs for the boys and conflict of interest.

Good luck with your endeavours.


I wish you all the best with your endeavours. I am not a member of the WIA as I resigned many years ago due to infighting etc. However if you can sort things out I will be encouraged to rejoin.

Register of Interests for WIA Board members

The following letter was sent to the board on April 15, 2016.


The WIA Reform Group


To:          WIA Directors

Cc:          David Williams – Secretary


15th April 2016


Given the recent issues associated with the conflicts of interest with board member Fred Swainston, the WIA Reform Group proposes that the Board immediately introduces a Register of Interests for all Board members.  It is now clear to many members that this director’s conflict of interest was not properly declared, documented or revealed to members (or compliant with Sect. 16.2 and 19 of the WIA Constitution).

It is generally very well accepted that many volunteers, amateurs and indeed, Board members have connections and business skills that can bring benefit to the WIA and its members.  There have been many examples over the years where members and volunteers have donated skills, time, equipment and resources to the betterment of the WIA and the hobby in general.  We are certain there are many others.  Where appropriate and in the best interest of the WIA, any such arrangements should be duly considered by the Board.

We propose that at the beginning of every Board meeting any potential conflicts of interest for Board Members (be they financial or of personal benefit) must be announced and registered.  These may include relationships with third party providers, family members, associations with companies etc.

The Board will then independently assess the declared interest (without the director present) to ensure that there is no conflict for the WIA or the director, and that the Board member’s own reputation is protected.

This process must also ensure the proposed arrangement provides the best value and outcome for the WIA and its members.

Where the Board determines that a business arrangement should proceed with a Board Member, a full disclosure must be placed into the Register of Interests, along with substantiating documentation to illustrate an impartial and independent assessment has been conducted by the Board.

Board meeting minutes will also need to be strengthened to include a full and complete detail of proceedings, as required by the Constitution (Sect. 16.2 & 19).

The Register is to be available to ordinary members on request.

Given this elected Board has continually failed the test of transparency and open communication and continues to tolerate mediocre conduct, putting such a process in place would go some way to rebuilding trust with members.

We look forward to a positive response in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

G.C. Dunstan VK4DU       C. Chapman VK3QB         R. Dollar VK8RD

WIA Members


WIA club insurance delayed

The renewal of the WIA Public Liability Insurance Policy for affiliated clubs has been delayed.

The policies are currently operating under a 14-day grace period negotiated at the last minute by the WIA.

We have been advised that communication of the delays in renewing policies for the clubs has been non-existent until after the event.

A number of clubs have sought their own cover, some have locked their clubhouse doors because of quite legitimate fears over a lack of public liability cover….

This has caused considerable disruption and unnecessary angst to clubs.

None of this was necessary had the Board and paid officers been performing their duties properly.

Clubs wishing to receive a copy of the email from the Insurance Broker extending the Club Insurance cover for 14 days from 1st April 2016 should contact the WIA office.