11 April 2016

The Club Public Liability Insurance brokered by the WIA expired on 1st April 2016.

Unfortunately, this is not an April Fool’s joke.  To date, the invoices for public liability insurance renewal still have not been received by the clubs and no information was provided to affiliated clubs by April 1, 2016.

There was a flurry of activity when the large clubs notified the WIA office of the issue that resulted in a 14 day extension.

The WIA has still not provided any formal notice from the insurer of the 14 day extension aside from a few words on the website.  The following notice, apparently blaming clubs for this debacle, was provided by WIA President, Phil Wait on 6th April – 6 clear days after the insurance policy had expired.



Well, here we are on the 11th April.  The supposed 14 day extension lapses this coming Thursday at 4pm.  As far as we are aware no clubs have received any further updates.  No invoices for payment have been received. No certificates of currency.

Given the (now commonly known) delays in getting post delivered, we encourage all club secretaries to contact the National Office and to check their post boxes daily. Has the WIA National Office even sent out the invoices yet?

By the time you get the invoice, get cheques organised and signed as required by your clubs’ own procedures and then get the payment into an envelope it’s almost certain the 14 day insurance extension will have expired.

Will you consider locking your doors or seeking alternative insurance as some clubs have done?  Make sure your club’s office bearers understand the risks of not being insured.

We also encourage all clubs to check their 2015 insurance paperwork. Did you actually get a Certificate of Currency from the insurance broker Annis Group Pty Ltd.?

The documents on the WIA Website all reference the cover provided in 2014. Why has this not been updated?

Were you even insured in 2015?  Did you pay for insurance that you didn’t get?

We are aware of one club that sent a cheque to the WIA in March for its insurance.  The cheque has still not been presented and no response has been received by the club.

Please take the time to check your insurance status.

The WIA Reform Group will continue to work on behalf of all VK amateurs to bring greater transparency and accountability to our WIA. Please stay up to date and encourage your members to visit our website.


Chris Chapman VK3QB  Rowan Dollar VK8RD  Glenn Dunstan VK4DU

WIA club insurance delayed

The renewal of the WIA Public Liability Insurance Policy for affiliated clubs has been delayed.

The policies are currently operating under a 14-day grace period negotiated at the last minute by the WIA.

We have been advised that communication of the delays in renewing policies for the clubs has been non-existent until after the event.

A number of clubs have sought their own cover, some have locked their clubhouse doors because of quite legitimate fears over a lack of public liability cover….

This has caused considerable disruption and unnecessary angst to clubs.

None of this was necessary had the Board and paid officers been performing their duties properly.

Clubs wishing to receive a copy of the email from the Insurance Broker extending the Club Insurance cover for 14 days from 1st April 2016 should contact the WIA office.