Call to action!

We need your support to make our Board listen.

It’s our WIA and all the trends (number of amateurs, finances, privileges) are in decline.

The AGM is just 2 weeks away and still members have not received formal notification of Business to be Conducted, nor the Annual Report; where are the Financial Reports?

Phone the office asking for the Annual Report to be posted to you.

03 9729 0400

This Board has had 4.5 months to close the books and write the reports. What are they hiding? Send an email to the President and Secretary asking for the Annual Report.

Template email – please cut and paste this below and send to the WIA. Of course, feel free to add your own concerns.  The Board won’t listen if we don’t demand it.;;
Dear Secretary,
As a member I am concerned at the lack of communication and progress in relation to the upcoming AGM. The AGM Conference is less than 2 weeks away and we still have no formal notification of business to be conducted.

The Annual Report has not been published. Why the delay?

I request that the AGM be deferred until a later date, in order to give members adequate time to review the Annual Report and raise questions.

What process can members follow to raise questions and/or motions for consideration at the AGM given the statutory timeframe for notice has not been provided?

As a financial member of The Wireless Institute of Australia ABN 56 004 920 745 I formally request a written response to the above questions.
[insert your name & callsign]