8th July 2016. WIA Reform Group – News Letter Number 10

Hello everyone,

As advised in our last newsletter, we have written to the Board asking that they follow through by addressing unanswered questions at the AGM.  To date we have not even received acknowledgement of our letter, let alone any answers to the questions.

The President made a commitment to refer questions back to the Treasurer and we will keep asking until that commitment is honoured.

Last week we issued our report based on the “Your Licence Conditions survey” conducted earlier in the year.  Follow this link  if you’ve not seen it yet:   http://wiarg.org/licence-conditions-survey-results-june-2016/


Is Amateur Radio dying?

We don’t believe it needs to, however, data provided by ACMA shows an alarming trend.  Our numbers are decreasing by about 50 per month (600 per year).

That’s a 4.3% decline in the 6 months to July 2016.

Given the ageing demographic of the amateur radio population, we believe all amateurs should be alarmed.  If no proactive action is taken by all of us, this rate of decline is likely to accelerate.  Even it is remains steady at 4.3% we’ll have fewer than 10,000 radio amateurs in Australia by 2024.



As The Wireless Institute of Australia appears to be doing very little to address this issue, we thought it would be in everyone’s interest if the WIA Reform Group developed a documented strategy to grow our hobby.

To assist us, and to ensure we capture every idea that has merit and substance, we invite all interested radio amateurs to submit ideas.  We will consolidate the ideas most likely to succeed and publish a Strategy Document.  We’ll ask the Editor of Amateur Radio Magazine to publish the document, and we’ll also provide it to the Board for their consideration.

Please get your submission to us by the end of July.  Your document must include the following sections:

The Idea

A summary of your idea (no more than one paragraph)

A Brief

Provide as much detail as you would like about your idea

Target audience

To whom would your idea be targeted

Method to market the idea

How would you suggest your idea be marketed to yield the best result?

Support required

What logistical/technical/administrative support may be required to implement your idea?


If possible, provide some ideas of what your idea may cost to implement


We have a few ideas of our own, and we’ll get a final report together in August for release via the web, Amateur Radio Magazine and direct to the Board.

Every week we get emails of support and we’ll continue to call this Board to account as well as making positive, consultative contributions to the future of the hobby.  However, there are still many people who are unaware of the WIA Reform Group.

Forward this email to your local club and friends.  Take a copy when you meet local amateurs for a coffee. If they contact our feedback email email we can send them a newsletter direct.

Please continue to contact the National Office and Board Members and ask for your questions to be answered.  Ask them to publish a budget for 2016 and issue monthly P&L statements.

It only takes the push of a button in the MYOB package by the Treasurer.  No effort or cost at all.  Then we can all be informed.  Is WIA going to make another loss in 2016?

Email us if you have questions or concerns.

Stay up-to-date with news and progress; – visit  www.wiarg.org .

We’ll continue to challenge this Board and demand better results.  A strong WIA is critical to protect our hobby.  We encourage every radio amateur in Australia to be a member.

Until next week,

G.C. Dunstan VK4DU,   C. Chapman VK3QB,   R. Dollar VK8RD

Ps. We don’t want to spam you.  Send us an email if you’d prefer we remove you from our mailing list.