8th December. WIA Reform Group News Letter number 33. Of lawyers and mediation.

8th December 2016. WIA Reform Group – Lawyers and Mediation….

The President is failing the WIA miserably. The President and the Board of the WIA have known for weeks that members have been gathering 100 signatures calling on them to call a General Meeting to vote on the removal of four directors.

Are they proceeding to arrange that meeting or are they scheming behind the scenes to find some reason to avoid this obligation?

Many will also be aware that two WIA Directors (Fred Swainston & Roger Harrison) have engaged lawyers to launch frivolous and unsubstantiated attacks on two members (one serving Treasurer, one former Treasurer), both of whom have been bold and honest enough to call this board out for their appalling behaviour.

Surely the day has come for the President and his bloc of four to resign before even further reputational damage and financial loss is wrought upon the WIA.

On a positive note the WIA Reform Group has agreed to participate in mediation, to be facilitated by Christopher Platt VK5CP. Given his professional capacity, Mr Platt is well placed to oversee the process and ensure it has the best possible chance of success.

However, against the backdrop of the current activities of this Board it appears the time for any rational mediation has passed.

Nonetheless, we have agreed to participate and will do so in good faith of an acceptable outcome. Surely, the best outcome for the WIA and all members would be for Directors Wait, Swainston, Harrison and Broomhead to resign and save the members the costs associated with running this meeting.

Our WIA urgently needs a new board. Please support the call for a General Meeting by reading and signing the letter at this link.

Many of your fellow members have already signed.

Please make your voice heard for the good of our hobby. Please read the background material and call for these directors to step down. The more signatures we get, the stronger our message.

Contact us if you have any questions.