6th September 2016- Open letter to the WIA President

To:          President

Cc:          WIA Directors, Secretary – Jim Linton, Editor – Peter Freeman, Executive Administrator – Bruce Deefholts, WIA News Broadcast teams


6th September 2016

Mr President,

We remained concerned with your continued lack of transparency and misleading answers to member’s questions.

Your continued avoidance to answer questions confirms our position that you and your board are in disarray and the finances of the WIA are being mismanaged.  This is a major failing of each and every director; you all have a fiduciary duty as directors under the WIA Constitution and the Corporations Act.

As directors you are all personally liable and serious penalties apply for failure to comply with these important obligations.

Further, based on anecdotal evidence and recent announcements, it is our view that under your leadership the once proud WIA has seen any semblance of professional operation, behaviour or status completely eroded, and the WIA, its employees, members and volunteers are suffering as a result.

To clarify the position for all members we ask that you simply answer these questions:

  1. Do you and your directors understand your obligations to manage the finances of the WIA in a responsible manner?
  2. Given you knew the accountant was stepping down as Treasurer in June 2016, why did you not commence an active search for a suitable replacement prior to that date?
  3. Given the disastrous condition the financial systems were in after being managed by Trainsafe last year, is the WIA’s accounting system (MYOB) being updated in a timely manner to allow accurate financial and compliance reports to be produced?
  4. When was the last time the board reviewed and discussed a P&L Report and Balance Sheet produced by the WIA’s accounting system?
  5. Does this board review a monthly P&L Statement and Balance Sheet at board meetings?
  6. Does this board make financial decisions based on aforementioned P&L Reports and a Budget?
  7. How are financial decisions documented?
  8. Are accounts receivables being actively managed each month? (noting that these processes were largely unmanaged during the 2nd half of 2015)
  9. Are accounts payable being actively managed each month? (noting that these processes were also largely unmanaged during the 2nd half of 2015)
  10. Given that last year BAS and GST processing was ignored by the acting Office Manager would you confirm that BAS and GST processing has been accurately completed for 1st and 2nd quarters of 2016?
  11. Have employee PAYG tax obligations been accurately processed and have tax allocations been paid to the ATO up to 2nd quarter 2016?
  12. Have employee superannuation obligations been accurately processed and paid to August 2016?
  13. Have all corporate reporting requirements with ASIC been fulfilled by the due date?
  14. Last year, ASIC levied a fine on the WIA for late lodgement of the annual company registration fee. Can you confirm that this year’s company registration fee has been/will be lodged within the due date?
  15. Given WIA Director and Trainsafe Director Mr Swainston has publicly advised he has no accounting skills, can you confirm that he has no influence or managerial oversight, directly or indirectly, on the business or financial operations of the WIA National Office?


These questions are important as they go to the very foundation of good corporate management and representation of all Australian Radio Amateurs, not just WIA Members.  It is a public interest matter.  As such we have copied in the main Amateur Radio news broadcast services.

The WIA Reform Group actively encourages all Australian Radio Amateurs to be members of the WIA.  To date, our efforts have resulted in lapsed members re-joining and many others taking a far greater interest in the welfare of the Institute.

We fully understand that a properly managed and funded WIA is vital to the continued growth and stability of our hobby.  We promote good governance and responsible management.

We demand the same of our Board.

Only by recognising and acknowledging the challenges our WIA faces, can members take a more active interest and ensure the WIA is being properly managed.

We look forward to your succinct, transparent and honest answers.

Yours sincerely,


C. Chapman VK3QB  G.C. Dunstan VK4DU  R. Dollar VK8RD

WIA Members

And for the WIA Reform Group