3rd December 2016. WIA Reform Group News Letter number 32 – Members must save WIA

Treasurers Reports leaked.  2015 Financial Report is wrong.  Loses significant.

General Meeting for vote on the removal of four directors has been announced




Read the latest news from WIA Director Andrew Smith VK6AS



We are not alone.  Many will recall the imbroglio the RSGB experienced some years ago.  The HF 4WD Club (Australia) is also experiencing some governance issues.  The South Africa Amateur Radio League suffered its own problems last year.

Our board is tearing itself and the WIA to pieces.  This simply cannot be allowed to continue.  We respectfully call on the President and his majority bloc to resign immediately and save the WIA further reputational damage and financial loses.

We call on them to resign rather than proceed to the General Meeting calling for their removal.  This meeting will cost members up to $10,000 (postage, printing and venue hire).

An easy way to avoid this expense is for the named directors to resign immediately, thereby allowing the board to appoint interim directors and commence the job of rebuilding our WIA.

Our WIA urgently needs a new board.    Please support the call for a General Meeting by reading and signing the letter at this link.

Many of your fellow members have already signed.

Please make your voice heard for the good of our hobby.  Please read the background material and call for these directors to step down.

Contact us if you have any questions.