29th April 2016. WIA Reform Group – News Letter Number 4

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29th April 2016.  WIA Reform Group – News Letter Number 4

Good afternoon,

Since last week we’ve been busy analysing the results from our online survey.  We hope you took a few moments to complete the survey.  The results will be published on the web site in the next 24 hours.

We will send you the link when the results are up.

The WIA Board met on 19th April and we know they tabled and discussed our request for a Directors Register of Interest to be implemented.    Refer to:   http://wiarg.org/register-of-interests-for-wia-board-members

We felt this would be a positive step towards avoiding future conflicts of interest.  We have written to the President, Phil Wait asking for confirmation that the proposal was considered and implemented.  To date, we have not received a response.

We are also in the final stages of analysing the Board’s Submission to the ACMA, which was presented to the ACMA on 12th April 2016.  We are concerned with some of the content in the Submission, not the least being a lack of consultation with WIA Members, let alone the broader Australian amateur radio community.  Is this another example of a Board that does that not listen to, or consult with its own members?  Our analysis will be released in the coming week.

We hope to see the 2016 Annual Report and Financial Statements in the coming week, but President Phil Wait has indicated in the April edition of Amateur Radio magazine that the audit review is still underway.  We will be reviewing these documents closely and we encourage you to do the same.

We continue to campaign to make every Australian Radio Amateur aware of the issues and asking them to get involved.   As we have said, it’s a big job and not something the three of us can do alone.

Please spread the word.  Forward this email to your local club and friends.  Contact the National Office and Board Members calling for positive action.

Stay up-to-date with news and progress; – visit  www.wiarg.org .

And, please continue to email us with your feedback and ideas.

Until next week,



G.C. Dunstan VK4DU,   C. Chapman VK3QB,  R. Dollar VK8RD

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