28 February 2017 – why aren’t we standing for the board?

Many people have asked us why we aren’t standing for the board.

It is very simple – we don’t want the potential legal liability that being a director of the WIA involves.

A number of former very senior office holders and an amateur who is a household name have told us in confidence that the WIA has passed its use-by date, and that we are wasting our time.

We believe them.

The 4 ex-Directors and 5 ex-Treasurers who have resigned in the last two years were, without exception, professionally qualified and experienced in management and finance…..and they all resigned….what does that tell you?

The WIA is on track to make a loss in excess of 100K this year and membership is dwindling.

Even though the current board seem to think that a national organisation with a turnover of 500K can be run as a personal fiefdom with little regard to corporate governance, we don’t.