26th October 2016. Call for a General Meeting of the WIA.


The time has come for the members of the WIA to call for a General Meeting to remove four Directors, including the President:  – Phil Wait, Roger Harrison, Robert Broomhead and Fred Swainston.

The facts are:

  • membership numbers are declining;
  • this board is not operating as a cohesive team;
  • liaison with the ACMA is conducted without any member consultation;
  • many members and clubs are dissatisfied with the culture and performance of the WIA; and
  • we understand that the Board is not sharing complete financial information with members.

Four ex-Treasurers and an ex President/life member have publicly stated that they are dissatisfied with the ethics and professionalism of the board: Bruce Bathols VK3UV, John Longayroux VK3PZ, Greg James and Chris Chapman VK3QB.

Two ex-Directors have publicly stated they have serious reservations with the culture and operation of the board: Glenn Dunstan VK4DU and Rowan Dollar VK8RD.

Two serving Directors – Andrew Smith VK6AS and Paul Simmonds VK5PAS – have publicly stated their concerns regarding censorship of alternative viewpoints, financial management and non-compliance with the Corporations Act.

We of the Reform Group have shared much information with you over the past eight months.  If you believe that our WIA should be doing a better job, and you are a WIA member, we urge you to sign the letter (link below) calling for a General Meeting to remove four Directors, including the President.

Having exhausted all reasonable calls for improvement and accountability, while maintaining respect for the persons involved, we have reached the point where the only remaining path to salvage the WIA is to formally seek the dismissal of these four officers.

If you are a current WIA member and have harboured dissatisfaction with the performance of our management in recent years, this will be your best and perhaps only opportunity to invoke essential change.  To make this happen, we ask that you sign the letter calling for a General Meeting.

If you have questions, please send us an email and we will contact you.

The letter may be downloaded here:  call-for-a-general-meeting-of-the-wia-final-1-0

Please print the letter, sign it (name, signature and callsign), scan it and email it back to us at



WIA Reform Group