26th August 2016. WIA Reform Group – News Letter Number 18

Three WIA Officers Resign and alert members of financial mismanagement and board dysfunction. 

President openly defies board.

National news renamed Pravda.


Hello again,

As you read last week, WIA Director Andrew Smith has “gone public” to alert members to the scandalous state of affairs within the Board of the WIA.  It is timely to remind members that this is the third board member of the WIA to issue public warnings to members in just 8 months.

Andrew states that “financial reporting is in disarray.  On my estimation our Institute is losing over $1,000 a week.”  He goes on to alert members that the “board is self-centred and not prepared to examine itself both under our constitution and more importantly the Corporations Act of Australia”.

Earlier this year (February), Treasurer Chris Chapman resigned advising members that “The Board has ignored my advice and, as such, I am unable to perform my responsibilities in the best interests of the Institute or its members.”  Chris continues with warnings of “ethical and professional concerns about how our Institute and its finances are being managed”.

Late last year (December 2015) Director Rowan Dollar resigned citing “nepotism, bullying and blatant disregard for volunteers and members” and that “The board has shown continually a lack of engagement with members plus a lack of governance and transparency”.

Rowan reported that he “asked the director managing the office for a balance sheet and Profit & Loss statement for the WIA. I was fully entitled to do so in my capacity as a director.  The President refused my request.”

Even the most sceptical reader must now accept that all is not well with our WIA.  It is clear that this Board is completely dysfunctional and that oversight of our finances is in disarray.

Yet in spite of this, the WIA President Mr. Phil Wait continues to treat members with contempt.  Board notes and minutes from July clearly indicate a board decision to release P&L Statement to members.  Instead the President defies a Board decision and publishes his disingenuous “bucket economics” in an attempt to gloss over the truth.

Rather than actively promoting our hobby, the Board is complicit in its decline.  Its financial behaviour is at best incompetent and at worst scandalous.  It promotes censorship of news broadcast services.  The following response was received from the Editor of the National News:


Received your email from NewsWest for August 21.

Any WIA item for news I only accept from the WIA President / Board itself..

I am sure some of these concerns are (or have been) addressed since the
AGM.. but have forwarded it to WIA President Phil


It appears our amateur radio news services are the mouthpiece of the WIA President and Board.

We call on any Director who supports Andrew to join him in calling for change.  We call on every WIA member who supports Andrew to send him an email showing your support.

We call on all amateur radio news broadcast services and the editor of Amateur Radio magazine to stand up against censorship and publish this public interest story.  The only broadcast service that has stood up thus far to the culture of intimidation and bullying is the VK6 News team. 

Our Institute and hobby are at risk.  The Board is actively censoring this story and stymying free speech with its continued toxic culture.

We call on affiliated clubs to take action.  The WIA is supposed to support the clubs and promote the hobby.  Now is the time for all clubs to stand united and demand change.

Every member should be alarmed that our President is overseeing a board that is out-of-control and riven by internecine conflict.    WIA Director Andrew Smith has confirmed the loses; over $1,000 per week.

Andrew will need the support of ALL WIA members now he has made his concerns public.  Let the President, Phil Wait know that you support Andrew.  Contact Mr Wait on 0418 161 733 or send him an email philwait@bigpond.net.au.

Positive action is being planned.  But we need to ensure every member is made aware of the facts.  Please forward this email to your local club and friends.  Take a copy when you meet local amateurs for a coffee.  If they contact Feedback@wiarg.org we can send them a newsletter direct.


Stay up-to-date with news and progress; – visit www.wiarg.org .

We’ll continue to support Paul and Andrew to challenge this Board and demand better results for all Australian Radio Amateurs.  A strong WIA is critical to protect our hobby.  We encourage every radio amateur in Australia to be a member.

Until next week,

G.C. Dunstan VK4DU,  C. Chapman VK3QB,  R. Dollar VK8RD


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