23 November 2016. WIA Reform Group – News Letter Number 31.

The 2015 WIA Financial Report presented at the AGM on Norfolk Island incorrect.

ASIC, ACMA and the Auditor have been advised.

WIA Director Andrew Smith advises: “I can confirm that the accounts presented to the AGM at Norfolk Island were not correct and should not have been approved.” (VK6 News 21 November 2016).

Andrew goes on to say: “A lot of this financial inaccuracy took place whilst the office was under the stewardship, in a paid capacity, of one of the (WIA) Directors.  Indeed, this director performed the role of treasurer, despite publicly confessing that he had little experience, knowledge of or wish to be involved in financial matters.”  (VK6 News 21 November 2016).

The director referred to here is Mr Fred Swainston.  This matter may well be a breach of the Corporations Act.

Andrew adds: “It is now clear that the finances of 2015 and 2016 are in disarray…. Had it not been for Paul Simmonds and I (this) desperate situation for the WIA would have continued to be concealed”. (VK6 News 21 November 2016).

In spite of what was reported at the AGM on Norfolk Island, the 40% of members who voted to reject the Financial Report were in fact correct.

In the April issue of Amateur Radio Magazine, the President reported that he visited the National Office in February following Treasurer Chris Chapman’s resignation:

“We spent several hours analysing the accounting system and the financial records and determined that the WIA did not appear to have any major accounting issues. Accounting processes and record keeping has been very much improved in the last few months, and major problems with the WIA’s upcoming annual financial review are not anticipated”

The President went on to say: “Meantime, the WIA office underwent a top-to-bottom review to reflect the wishes of members, and to better face an environment of regulatory change for spectrum users and the prospect of some further government outsourcing. The end result includes emphasis on customer service, delivery of member services, office function streamlining, banking and finances.”

The President states: “Over about a five-month period, Fred was successful in making the Office more efficient and responsive to members. He established improved, written procedures for enquiries and the general office workflow, introduced new office security measures, and caught up with the accounting entries. The Office now works much better from a customer service and business systems perspective” (Amateur Radio Magazine, April 2016)

The WIA paid Trainsafe $2,060 per week for almost seven months……

In his November President’s column in AR, Phil Wait introduced the new Treasurers, and said:

we now have two very capable people looking after the WIA’s financial systems, and although there are obviously some serious issues to work through, real progress is being made.

I am certain these two very experienced volunteers will be a great asset to the WIA.


We call on the President to release the latest Treasurer’s report to all members NOW.

Members need to know what is happening with THEIR money and THEIR WIA. 

Time for transparency, Mr. President.

Our WIA urgently needs a new board.  The President and Directors Swainston, Harrison and Broomhead must resign.

Please support the call for a General Meeting by reading and signing the letter at this link.

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