22nd April 2016. WIA Reform Group – Newsletter Number 3

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22nd April 2016.  WIA Reform Group – News Letter Number 3

Good morning,

Over the course of the last week we have been active on two fronts.

Firstly, we sent a letter to the board of the WIA asking them to introduce a Register of Interests for all board members.  We sincerely hope that the board will take our request seriously and implement this important process.  With what we saw in the second half of 2015, it’s clear that the elected members of this board need some process control and clear guidance when it comes to identifying and managing conflicts of interest.  There is more detail about this matter on our web site.

We have also placed a copy of the letter on the web site if you’d like to read it.  Just follow this link:


Secondly, we have launched a survey which has been designed to capture the views of all Australian Amateurs.  The survey focuses on two main areas of concern.

  1. The member services provided by the WIA and National Office
  2. Representation and Governance as provided by the board.

We respectfully ask all Amateurs to take some time to read the questions, answer the survey and consider the issues being raised.  If you are uncertain about any of the issues raised, please visit our website and read the information before you complete the survey.  You can complete the survey by following this link:


Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.  Make your voice heard!

We hope to see the 2016 Annual Report and Financial Statements in the coming week.   We will be reviewing these documents closely and we encourage you to do the same.

We continue to campaign to make every Australian Radio Amateur aware of the issues and asking them to get involved.   As we have said, it’s a big job and not something the three of us can do alone.  Please spread the word.  Forward this email to your local club and friends.  Contact the National Office and Board Members calling for positive action.

Stay up-to-date with news and progress; – visit  www.wiarg.org .

And, please continue to email us with your feedback and ideas.

Until next week,



G.C. Dunstan VK4DU,  C. Chapman VK3QB,  R. Dollar VK8RD

Ps. We don’t want to spam you.  Send us an email if you’d prefer we remove you from our mailing list.