18th September 2016 – Board report from VK6AS

From the VK6 broadcast of 18 September:


You will know that in broadcasts over the last few weeks I have been less than complimentary in my opinion of what has been happening at the WIA Board over its reluctance to consider change.

On a positive note, one matter that the Board agreed to, was to enrol directors onto four online educational courses produced by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.  There was a cost to the WIA, but the value added return will be huge.

The first module was on “conflict of interest” which is clearly an area in which the Board requires education, the next was on “board governance” that confirmed my view that our Board has a long way to go to be compliant, the third was on the “mindset of the director” where it was pointed out that directors needed a “helicopter view” and to be divorced from day to day managerial roles, a lesson most certainly to be learned by the WIA board, and last an excellent module on the “role of the director” explaining that perhaps consensus decision making was less effective that of a collective approach.

Once the other Board members have had the time to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest these modules, then we should see a change in approach by the Board resulting in very positive changes at the WIA.

This is Andrew VK6AS WIA Director