16th September 2016. WIA Reform Group – News Letter Number 21

Our Directors are being censored

Good afternoon,

As we reported, last month WIA Director Andrew Smith went public to alert members to the scandalous state of affairs within the Board of the WIA.

To recap Andrew’s message:

Andrew stated that “financial reporting is in disarray.  On my estimation our Institute is losing over $1,000 a week.”  He goes on to alert members that the “board is self-centred and not prepared to examine itself both under our constitution and more importantly the Corporations Act of Australia”.

Now Paul Simmonds has followed suit.  The efforts of both these Directors to publish the facts via member broadcasts and journals have been denied.  Clearly, the President and his Board cronies don’t want members to know just how dysfunctional and ineffective our board is.

The President informs members that there is a “difference of opinion between directors concerning the integrity of the board, and how the WIA should be administered. “

Clearly there is more to it than a “difference of opinion”.  Professionals like Andrew and Paul do not spend their own money seeking legal advice because of a “difference of opinion”.

We now have three Directors and three Treasurers who have all raised serious concerns over the professional and ethical behaviour of this board in just twelve months.  And let’s not forget, this board has not had a Treasurer attend any Board meetings since July 2015 (with the exception of January and February 2016).

There has been no accurate financial reporting since July 2015 and no budget since mid-2015.  All we have seen is a Financial Report at the AGM riddled with errors and an Acting Treasurer who publically admits that he has no accounting knowledge.  This was followed up with the President’s version of “Bucket Economics” this month.

And only now, three months after the last Treasurer took his pay cheque and resigned, has the President finally seen fit to advertise for a replacement….a fifth Treasurer in twelve months….

Even the most sceptical reader must accept that this President is not being open, honest or transparent with members.  The Board of the WIA is in open conflict and is incapable of fulfilling its duties.

Every week we get phone calls and emails from VK amateurs who are unaware of the issues.  Please help us spread the word; discuss the issues with your friends and forward this newsletter to those in your personal networks.

Every VK amateur and WIA member deserves to know the truth.  This President is doing his best to censor any balanced articles or reports that do not align with his own personal agenda.

We call on all amateur radio news broadcast services and the editor of Amateur Radio magazine to stand up against censorship and publish this public interest story.  The only broadcast service that has stood up thus far to the culture of intimidation and bullying is the VK6 News team. 

Our Institute and hobby are at risk.  The Board is actively censoring this fact.

It is opportune to quote the Society of Professional Journalists code of ethics:

Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy.  Ethical journalism strives to ensure the free exchange of information that is accurate, fair and thorough. An ethical journalist acts with integrity.

The Society declares these four principles as the foundation of ethical journalism and encourages their use in its practice by all people in all media.

Something our news services may like to consider…..


As we’ve mentioned in the previous few weeks, positive action is being planned.  The WIA is supposed to support the clubs and promote the hobby.  We call on affiliated clubs to take action.  Now is the time for all clubs to stand united and demand change.

Andrew Smith and Paul Simmonds will need the support of ALL WIA members now they have made their concerns public.  Let the President know that you support Andrew and Paul.  Contact him on 0418 161 733 or send him an email philwait@bigpond.net.au

At the same time, contact Peter Freeman, the Editor of AR (editor@wia.org.au) and the National News Broadcast (nationalnews@wia.org.au) service asking that they publish the “other side of the story” (please copy us in feedback@wiarg.org).  Only with your voice will we overcome these draconian measures being taken by the President to censor free speech.


Please forward this email to your local club and friends.  Take a copy when you meet local amateurs for a coffee.  If they contact Feedback@wiarg.org we can send them a newsletter direct.

Stay up-to-date with news and progress; – visit www.wiarg.org .

Until next week,

G.C. Dunstan VK4DU,  C. Chapman VK3QB,  R. Dollar VK8RD

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