13th May 2016. WIA Reform Group – News Letter Number 6

We continue to be concerned about the capability and professionalism of our Board.

We have received no response to our recent correspondence to the Board in relation to:

– Our request for the Annual Report and Formal Notification of the AGM
– Our request for the Board to introduce a Directors Register of Interests.
In the last 2 weeks we have published our assessment of the Board’s Submission to the ACMA as well as a members’ look at how well our WIA has been performing (“What have the Romans done for us?” ).

Your feedback and commentary of these documents has been both positive and helpful.

This Board continues to lose your money and there is no plan to turn the tide.

If you are a WIA member, do you wonder where your $95 goes each year? We have done an analysis, and will send you the report over the weekend and post it on our web site.

As many are aware, on the 7th May we launched a survey to investigate what you think about the licence structure here in Australia. Well over 400 of you have responded so far; an outstanding result. We will release the results next week.

Word about the WIA Reform Group continues to spread. Forward this email to your local club and friends. Contact the National Office and Board Members calling for positive action. Email us if you have questions or concerns.

The communication and transparency of this Board has become worse. There have been no Board Notes or updates to the President’s Blog on the WIA web site this year. Why is that?

We need your support to make our Board listen. It’s our WIA and all the trends (number of amateurs, finances, privileges) are in decline.

The AGM is just 2 weeks away and still members have not received formal notification of Business to be Conducted, nor the Annual Report; where are the Financial Reports?

This Board has had 4.5 months to close the books and write the reports. What are they hiding? Send an email to the President and Secretary asking for the Annual Report.

A template is provided at http://wiarg.org/call-to-action/

Phone the office this week asking for the Annual Report to be posted to you. 03 9729 0400

Stay up-to-date with news and progress; – visit www.wiarg.org

We’ll continue to challenge this Board and demand better results.
Until next week,

G.C. Dunstan VK4DU, C. Chapman VK3QB, R. Dollar VK8RD