12th November 2016. WIA Reform Group – News Letter Number 29

Finances a Mess, Censorship continues

The feedback from last week’s newsletter was overwhelming.  Thanks for your emails and calls of support.  There is no doubt that since August 2015 the National Office descended into chaos and the finances are in a mess.

The WIA is on track to report a massive loss this year.

ACMA are aware of the situation and are undertaking a series of reviews.  ASIC have an open investigation.

Yet still, the President continues to tell members that there is “nothing to see here”….  Nothing more than a “difference of opinion” between certain Directors…..

Are the new Treasurers being allowed to do their job, with full access to the accounts and complete cooperation from the office and board?

Was the Treasurer’s recent report edited prior to publication?

Are members getting the full, unvarnished truth?

What spin and misinformation will be published in the December issue of our National Journal?

The message is short and sharp this week.  If you are VK3 based, please get along to one of the information sessions being presented by Directors Andrew Smith and Paul Simmonds.

We are aware that Amateur Radio Magazine and the National News Broadcast continue to be censored.  This board simply refuses to allow any alternative messages or correct reporting of the facts to be published in our Journal.

Please send this newsletter to your friends and contacts and discuss the issues with them.

Write to the Editors of AR Magazine and the national news and demand that they stand their ground to allow freedom of speech and equal access to our AR media…..

Our home page now provides a concise description of the key problems and a clear vision for the future of the WIA; our National Institute.

new home page

Until next week.


WIA Reform Group