11 September 2016 – Board report from WIA Director VK6AS

The following article was broadcast on the VK6 news for 11 September 2016:


Well as they say a week is a long time in Politics. Not that I thought that being a director of the WIA was going to be jam packed full of politics, I thought it was going to be hard work for the betterment of the amateur radio community and to improve our hobby, but I didn’t expect to be having to propose motions of no confidence in the Board, declaring that the Board in my opinion has no Policies or procedures, no corporate governance and was fiscally incompetent.

As the President has reported the vote was lost 5 to 2, which was not unexpected. It is my belief that the other five members of the Board expected that the two who supported the motion would resign but we have not, as we believe we can achieve nothing from the outside.

What we have done is to take legal advice from an expert in corporate law. You will have heard Paul VK5PAS make a statement elsewhere in this bulletin. I am in exactly the same position as him.

We have been advised that now is not the time to make further comments, especially on social media about what is happening at the Board. As soon as is practicable we hope to be able to make a statement that will explain to you, wia members and non members alike the issues that concern us and the functioning of your Board.

Both Paul and I are passionate supporters of the WIA and we are aware that this action may seem to be damaging. That may be so in the short term but we believe that we will all benefit in the long term if issues at the WIA are resolved.

Please maintain and renew your membership as it falls due, we need as many members as possible.

We have both received notes of concern about legal costs and would like to report that at present the legal opinions and actions are being supported personally by us both.

I would like to thank everyone who has contacted me with expressions of support and reiterate that I only have the best interests of the Amateur Radio community in Australia as my concern. It was a difficult decision to go down this path but I felt that there were no other options.
This is WIA director Andrew VK6AS