10th December 2016. WIA Reform Group – News Letter number 35. Vale mediation.

Mediation fails.  President agrees to proceed with General Meeting in January 2017

“A mediation was conducted on Saturday 10 December 2016.  All WIA Directors, the WIA Treasurer and representatives of the WIA Reform Group participated. The meeting was unable to resolve the varying positions of the parties.”

This is the official news release issued by the mediator.

Unfortunately, the four Directors who have been complicit in the disaster that is the current WIA were unwilling to consider the best interests of the members.

These Directors, who have brought the WIA to the brink of financial disaster, were unwilling to acknowledge their failures, do the honourable thing and resign.

On a positive note, the President, Mr Phil Wait, agreed that he would be instructing the Secretary to issue the notice calling for a General Meeting this week coming.

It is anticipated the meeting will be scheduled for the second half of January 2017 and common sense would suggest it be held in Melbourne at the National Office to minimise cost.

There was some confusion as the President advised he was also seeking legal advice in the coming week; and it was noted that he has failed to obtain three quotes and has already committed the WIA to unspecified legal fees….in direct contravention of the Treasurer’s instructions.

Some participants present at mediation were concerned the President, or other Directors, may attempt to derail the meeting by spurious legal means.

All members are encouraged to contact the President, the Editor of Amateur Radio Magazine and the National News calling for the General Meeting to proceed unhindered.


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