05 April 2017 – Post-election newsletter

Hello all

It’s a little over 12 months since the WIA Reform Group was established.  Sometimes it feels like a decade….

Our goals have been to:

  • bring stability, good governance and management to the WIA – this means well experienced and appropriate Directors and working groups;
  • actively campaign against inappropriate Director behaviour; and
  • mobilise a far greater percentage of members to take an active interest in the WIA and what it should be doing for them.

All our supporters should be very proud that together we’ve achieved these outcomes.

The recent election results have sent an unambiguous message that WIA members have had enough of the cronyism, incompetence and arrogance of the current board.

It is time for some fresh, dynamic leadership for our hobby.

Approximately 1,500 members voted this year.  That’s up from about 1,200 last year and about 800-900 from previous years.  The high level of votes is especially pleasing given that WIA membership has plummeted by around 20% in the last 12-18 months.

On behalf of all VK Radio Amateurs, we extend our congratulations and thanks to the successful candidates:

Justin Giles-Clarke 1182
Greg Kelly 1114
David Ford 1072
Marcus Berglund 955
Peter Clee 891
Phil Wait 690  (incumbent Director & President)
Brian Clarke 687

They’ve got their work cut out for them, and we can only hope that the current President and outgoing Directors will co-operate and accept that a new approach is necessary to repair the WIA’s 100+ year old reputation.

Accordingly, we call on the current board to do the decent and honourable thing and move aside immediately.  The members have spoken: it is high time you listened….

Where to from here?

The WIA Reform Group will monitor the lead-up to the AGM.  Many supporters and concerned WIA members will be present at the AGM to ensure the outgoing Directors are held to account and that they provide members with an honest report of the Institute’s position.

It’s not over yet.

The new board has a significant amount of work to do to repair the damage and turn things around.  What this means in practical terms is still unclear; the new board will need some time to come to terms with the issues.

And what are those issues?

  • Repair Financial Management processes;
  • turn around the financial performance of the WIA;
  • repair the relationship with the ACMA;
  • repair the management, performance and oversight of examination and callsign services in accordance with the Deed with the ACMA;
  • rebuild trust with Members, non-members and clubs;
  • address the issues and shortcomings with the WIA Training strategy; and
  • turn the WIA into a well-managed, 21st century organisation.

The Reform Group will support the new board in any way we can.  Over the past year, we have collected a considerable knowledge base of practical solutions and a group of people willing to assist.

Once again, thanks to our supporters for standing up and being part of the solution.

Let us hope this closes a dark chapter in the history of the Wireless Institute of Australia and creates an environment which allows our hobby to grow and flourish for the next generation.

73, and see you on-air.