03 September 2016 – Board report from WIA Director VK6AS

From the VK6 news for 03/4 SEP 2016:


I am a director of two not for profit companies, let me share with you how their meetings contrast.

Both hold meetings in the early evenings.  One quarterly and the other monthly.  The quarterly meetings are over within 90 minutes, the monthly ones run until late in the evening and the prepared agenda is never got through.

At the Quarterly Board the Executive Administrator is the secretary to the Board and provides a report relating to the administration and running of the company.

For the monthly there is no such report just a series of agenda items that the Board discuss and move endless motions for the secretary to record and report later to the Executive Administrator who is not present.

The Board’s minutes are designed not to report discussion and opinions and so the Executive Administrator has no idea of the reasoning behind many of the decisions.

At the quarterly meeting financial reports are tabled and the treasurer makes a report and answers questions.  The financial reports are accepted.

At the monthly, there is no treasurer and since May only a profit and loss account and some bank statements have been produced.

At the quarterly board the Executive Administrator tables the various committee reports and strategic discussion takes place before the reports are adopted  unanimously and the Executive Administrator has clear guidance on advice to the committees for future actions.

At the monthly group there are usually no reports and if there are then individual directors frequently decide to intervene and alter the decisions of the committee often based on spurious and personally held views or rules that just get made up on the run as that Board only has one written policy at present.

There is often acrimonious discussion followed by a vote with dissenting directors.  There is no guidance given to the Executive Administrator and individual directors therefore take on managerial roles.

I leave the quarterly meeting in a good frame of mind feeling collegial and satisfied, from the monthly meeting I leave feeling frustrated and often anxious about the future of the organisation.

Which one of these Boards do you think describes your WIA?


This is WIA director, Andrew VK6AS