Why are members calling for a new WIA Board?

Our WIA is in a mess.

The majority of the current board have proven themselves entirely unsuitable for the job.

They should not be returned at the next election.


ACMA representation – the prime reason we join the WIA –  is ineffectual and certainly not “representative” of the views of Australian amateur radio operators.  It appears that the WIA board don’t care what you – the members- think.  We do – which is why we conducted an on-line survey and discussed it with the ACMA.

The finances are in a mess….our WIA is losing money…we have made a cumulative loss of $30,000 over the last five years and cash in bank is down $57,000 over the same period.  The 2015 Financial Report is wrong and will have to be reworked. The loss this year is forecast to be serious….despite the employment of a professional accountant and two book keepers the loss is expected to be circa $50-70k.

There are also concerns around the financial reporting of the WIA-ACMA contract for delivery of examination and callsign services.  Read about the sorry saga of WIA finances here.

Read the Treasurer’s report here.

WIA Vice President Fred Swainston apparently overpaid by 48% over a 7 month period.  Read about it here.

Read the open letter to the Board and members from the Treasurers here.

Alternative viewpoints are censored.  We can only assume that the majority of the board don’t believe in free speech.    It isn’t just us….even WIA board members are being censored...

The Board is clearly dysfunctional.  It can not represent us, the members, properly.

Our WIA needs serious change.  A change in direction – read about it here.